USAID-funded Sustainable Higher Education Research Alliances (SHERA) program in Indonesia, 2012

Our work has a direct, tangible impact. Individuals who participated in programs administered by IIE said that their experiences during the program led to positive outcomes in their careers and personal lives, inspiring them to give back to their communities and improve their organizations.

To better understand the effects of participating in an IIE-administered program, IIE conducted a survey of grantees who completed programs between 2005 and 2015, capturing responses from more than 4,000 individuals across 10 different programs. Grantees participated in programs focusing on language & culture, teaching & research, STEM & development, and leadership. Get a snapshot of key findings below and download the full report here.

Alumni contribute notably to knowledge production & public policy, and have made positive impacts on their organizations and communities

75% believe they have become a role model to youth in their home community
74% have made improvements to their organizations, such as building partnerships and improving access to resources

Graphic: Alumni Public Policy Impact and Annual Knowledge Production

Alumni say the program experience impacted their future career path and professional achievements

89% report they have attained their professional goals since completing their programs
69% say the program was the most significant influence or an important influence on their career path

"As a young adult, [the program] significantly shaped my identity around the kind of capabilities I could develop in myself. This happened because of the incredible global peer group I was exposed to [and] it played a huge role in my decision to become a social entrepreneur."


Graphic: How Did the Experience Impact your Career Path?

Alumni have leveraged their experiences and new skills to develop their careers

85% now list their program experience on their resume or CV
89% of alumni who have interviewed for a new position have discussed their experience in interviews

Graphic: Program Aspects Discussed in Interviews

STEM & Development program alumni discussed the transformational experience (69%), applied learning activities (79%), and skills gained (81%) from the program at rates significantly above the sample average
Teaching & Research program alumni discussed the applied learning activities (43%) and the transformational experience (60%) gained from the program at rates significantly above the sample average
Language & Culture program alumni discussed the countries or sites visited (81%) and foreign language development (78%) gained from the program at rates significantly above the sample average

As we look ahead to the next 100 years, we celebrate the change that IIE-administered programs create, building closer connections across the world and opening minds to new ideas and cultures.

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