Leadership Development

IIE Addis Ababa custom designs comprehensive leadership programs for organizations and groups. All trainings use cutting edge experiential learning techniques including visioning, dialogue, and strategic planning on key areas of concern.

To improve skills of leadership trainers, IIE Addis Ababa also conducts facilitator skill-development workshops which help trainers focus on how they can effectively deliver core content using appropriate methods and group process skills.

Strengthening organizational effectiveness is one of IIE Addis Ababa’s core commitments: Our excellent facilitators work with organizations to deliver experiential workshops that foster team effectiveness, improved interpersonal and communication skills, strong team relationships, and thoughtful succession plans.

Higher Education Services

IIE is uniquely qualified to administer all aspects of scholarship and exchange programs, including recruitment, selection, academic placement, orientation, student monitoring, grant management, and alumni activities.

For study-abroad programs, IIE can assist with visa processing and other logistical support. IIE also organizes briefings on global higher education and builds capacity and global linkages among institutions of higher education.

Study Tours

IIE designs and delivers high-quality study tours to expose participants working in the public, private and non-profit sectors to best practices in their fields. Among others, IIE develops specialized study tours for those interested in learning about health systems similar to those of Ethiopia.

To encourage peer learning and sharing of expertise, IIE Addis Ababa encourages and provokes new ideas among organizational leaders through experience sharing and networking of program alumni who share a commitment to finding ways to continue to improve their work.

Facilitation of Meetings

Using meeting methodologies such as Open Space Technology, World Café, and Future Search, IIE Ethiopia designs and facilitates meetings that enable groups of professionals to share best practices in leadership, create stakeholder action plans, and network.