China Medical Board

China Medical Board Fellowships: For the last 100 years, the China Medical Board (CMB) has been supporting the development of China's key medical institutions. Since 2008, IIE/Beijing has been assisting the CMB with the management of three fellowship programs: The Distinguished Professor Program; the Faculty Development Fellowships; and the Next Generation Fellowships.

The Institute of International Education (IIE) currently administers three competitions for the China Medical Board:

The CMB Distinguished Professorships Awards offer financial support and academic recognition to outstanding faculty leaders in 13 of China's top medical institutions, helping these universities to encourage and nurture their best faculty.

The CMB Faculty Development Awards offer financial support to professional staff from 23 of China's top medical institutions for international non-degree professionals training in the fields of Health Policy and Systems Sciences. The fellowships are intended to provide mid-career training in these fields for faculty. Training in the clinical or biomedical sciences is not supported by these fellowships.

The CMB Next Generation Fellowships offer financial support to any qualified Chinese citizens resident in China for international Master's degree study in the fields of Health Policy and Systems Sciences. The fellowships are intended to train a new generation of potential leaders in these fields in China. Training in the clinical or biomedical sciences is not supported by these fellowships. Support for Fellows will consist entirely of training abroad in fulfillment of a Master's degree. Fellows apply to a university outside of China for the full course of training, typically of 10-24 months, and the degree would be provided by that university.

NYU Abu Dhabi

The Institute of International Education (IIE) is working in partnership with New York University to identify talented students from around the world to attend New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD). NYU has designed a visionary new model for higher education at the crossroads of the world—Abu Dhabi—combining the best of a research university education with the advantage of a liberal arts, sciences, and engineering curriculum. As one of the world's largest and most experienced international education organizations, IIE is uniquely positioned to conduct outreach around the world on behalf of this paradigm-shifting institution. Our shared vision to shape future leaders and create true global citizens makes this a powerful collaboration.

Who Should Apply?

NYU Abu Dhabi has a student body that represents the top of the world's talent pool for academic and personal achievement. NYU Abu Dhabi students share a joy for learning across disciplines, an insatiable curiosity about the world, a strong sense of community building, and an intuitive understanding of bridging cultures.

Contact Information:

Please let us know of your interest in NYU Abu Dhabi by emailing us at and joining the mailing list.

US-China Fulbright Program

IIE/Beijing assists the United States Department of State and the Public Affairs Section, U.S. Embassy-Beijing with the management and implementation of several core components of the U.S.-China Fulbright Program, including:

In our work on these components of the Fulbright Program we provide direct assistance and support to hundreds of applicants and approximately 120-130 nominated Fulbright scholars every grant cycle.

Find more information at the U.S. Embassy Website

Find more application information on the China Scholarship Council website

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