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Vietnam has produced an impressive six-fold increase in U.S.- bound students over the last decade, now ranking eighth overall and holding the #2 spot in community colleges.

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Office at a Glance

Vietnam has been a top 20 place of origin since 2006/07 and remains a top 10 place of origin for international students in the United States since 2010/11.

Open Doors Data 2016:
  • Origin sending country rankings, all institutions: 6th
2015/2016 academic year:
  • Total Vietnamese students: 21,403
  • 67.2% undergraduate
  • 15.1% graduate students
  • 9.9% other
  • 7.8% OPT (Optional Practical Training)

What programs are managed by this office?

  • GE Foundation Scholar-Leaders Program
  • SMBC Global Foundation Scholarship Program
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What role does the Hanoi office play?

IIE has been active in Vietnam since 1997. The IIE Vietnam office in Hanoi administers academic admissions tests on behalf of the Law School Admission Council (LSAC); and promotes and or manages scholarship and fellowship programs in the region.

The office organizes U.S. Higher Education Fairs in Vietnam, and offers a variety of services to U.S. colleges and universities that wish to establish a presence in Vietnam and Vietnamese institutions that would like to reach out to their U.S. counterparts.

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