The Institute of International Education (IIE) understands the intricate business development and corporate social responsibility needs of international corporations.

Our core values parallel those of the best corporations: transparency, integrity, and excellence. IIE provides long-term solutions for the development of a globally minded and competitive workforce. Our extensive networks allow companies infinite customized options for small to large scale investments.

Management of Short-Term and Long-Term Training and Education

Educational programs designed to meet the interests of production sharing agreements, offsets or other needs. Trainings are customized and range from technical to soft skills.

Local Content Program Strategy and Delivery

IIE develops customized local content initiatives such as scholarships, training, and education programs around the world.

Scholarship Management

IIE manages international scholarship programs for students and professionals to obtain degrees in the U.S. or globally. IIE also sponsors J-visas for U.S. based participants, and arranges pre-academic language training and testing.

Workforce Development

IIE manages programs to assist companies in diversifying and localizing their workforce and/or providing higher education and training opportunities for emerging professionals and leaders.

Global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives

IIE can develop and deliver programs to meet goals and specific targets in an effort to improve the communities where you work.


Why Partner with IIE?

Global Reach and Experience

Our diverse and multicultural staff is particularly sensitive to the unique needs of different cultures and demographics.

Client Focus

We are committed to each client’s vision and work closely with the client to brand programs, develop appropriate policies, tailor reporting tools, and measure impact and results.

Technological Innovation and Administrative Efficiency

IIE is at the forefront of technological innovation in global training and education management and has developed highly responsive financial and grant management systems.

Commitment to Global Leadership

The Institute’s programs focus on developing the skills and abilities of individuals and preparing them for future leadership roles and workplace success.


As a third party with a reputation for integrity, IIE helps clients comply with FCPA, the EU Anti-Corruption Act, UK Bribery Act, and equivalents globally. We develop transparent and fair selection processes, even in countries where merit-based selection is uncommon.