The Office for Latin America and Caribbean currently has over twenty-five team members including specialized program personnel and hosts the Regional Educational Advising Coordinator (REAC) for North America (Mexico & Canada), Central America and the Caribbean.

Our Team:

Philippa Nuttall - Head, Latin America and the Caribbean 

  • Karla Pizano – Program Officer

Programs, Outreach and Scholarships

  • Karen Kelly - NYU Abu Dhabi Senior Outreach Officer
  • Daniel Parra - NYU Abu Dhabi Senior Outreach Officer
  • Cristina Ruiz - NYU Abu Dhabi Senior Program Coordinator
  • César Maldonado - Senior Program Manager 
  • Belén Plascencia - Program Coordinator


Jesús Rojas - Lead, Global Assessment Services

  • Ana Victoria Albarran - Testing Officer
  • Alejandra Campa - Assessment Outreach Associate 
  • Rubén Díaz -Packaging Officer 
  • Artemio Fierros -TOEFL ITP Supervisor 
  • Iván Guerra - TOEFL YSS Supervisor 
  • Marco Hayashi - Scoring Officer
  • Eduardo Reséndiz - Scoring Officer


  • Dalia Castro - Finance Manager
  • Javier Conde - Finance Coordinator
  • Víctor Gómez - Office Assistant
  • Rosa López - Janitor


María Mercedes Salmón - Regional Education Advising Coordinator (REAC)

  • Melina Diaz - Administrative Assistant