IIE American Passport Project

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About the IIE American Passport Project


Through the IIE American Passport Project, IIE makes grants to U.S. colleges and universities in the IIENetwork  so they can help students who are eligible for Pell grants obtain a U.S. passport. The grant began in Spring 2021 and is currently on its 2nd cycle. Eligibility is limited to students in their first year at the institution to ensure that the students have ample time to receive help from their advisors to map out a study abroad plan.

Each cycle, IIE will select 40 eligible U.S. institutions to receive the grant to support 25 students from their campus. It has long been part of IIE’s mission to increase participation and diversity in study abroad, so that all students can gain the academic and career benefits of international experience. The grant is intended to promote access to and equity in study abroad and support IIENetwork members in their efforts to encourage students to go abroad who would otherwise not participate in an international experience as part of their college education.


The institutional application for cycle 2 has now closed.


Contact IIEPassport@iie.org with questions.


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