Smolny College- A Joint Venture Between Bard College and St. Petersburg University

2007 Heiskell Award Honorable Mention: International Exchange Program

Nomination submitted by: Susan H. Gillespie Vice President, Director, Institute for International Liberal Education (IILE)

Program Overview 
Smolny College is Russia’s first liberal arts college, a joint venture between Bard College and St. Petersburg State University. The venture is an undergraduate dual degree program, and Smolny College’s graduates, who are predominantly Russian, earn a B.A. in Liberal Arts and Sciences from Bard College and a parallel B.A. in Arts and Humanities from Smolny College of St. Petersburg State University. Smolny currently enrolls 460 undergraduate students and a small number of Master’s degree students. The first dual B.A. degrees were awarded in June 2004, in St. Petersburg. Smolny is at the forefront of reform in Russian higher education, with Smolny administrators leading Russia’s current entry into the Bologna Process. Use of the credit system and new communications technologies and courseware for teaching have helped develop these skills for leadership, and Smolny has already inspired more than six other programs in Russian universities and higher technical schools.