Research Collaboration via web-based technology between the University of Liberia (West Africa) and Ohop University Undergraduates: Best Practices in Microfinance

2009 Heiskell Award Honorable Mention: International Exchange Partnerships

Nomination submitted by: Greg Emery, Director

Program Overview
Identifying the need for educational reconstruction in Liberia, partnering with the University of Liberia’s Microfinance Training Program, and mobilizing web-based communication, Ohio University’s program serves as a unique model for international collaboration.

In this research collaboration, students at the Global Leadership Center (GLC) at Ohio University leverage resources available in the U.S. to research microfinance in other African countries, and share their findings with students in the University of Liberia Microfinance Training Program. These students review the findings and rework them to the Liberian context, providing feedback to the Global Leadership students in Ohio. This program simultaneously provides the U.S. students with a practical application of their microfinance research and offers Liberian students access to the most current and relevant information on the topic. This is one of several GLC courses that use a project-based approach to help students acquire global skills, and can be taken as part of a two-year undergraduate certificate program in Global Leadership.

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