Internationalization Program

2015 Heiskell Award Honorable Mention: Internationalizing the Campus

Nomination submitted by: Sergei Erofeev, Vice Rector for Internationalization

Program Overview:

Russia’s Higher School of Economics (HSE) leads a multi-faceted Internationalization Program that brings international students and faculty to campus, provides comprehensive international service centers, and supports international research laboratories and partnerships, dual-degree programs, and international research collaboration.

HSE’s Center for Academic Integration has an Academic Unit to help international students with course selection, internship opportunities, and other academic-related questions. There is also an International Student Support Unit to help with visas, accommodation, and health insurance, and provide cultural and social activities. The university offers English-language programs at different levels (Master’s, Bachelor’s, and non-degree) and Russian-language training programs where students can strengthen their language skills before studying in Russian. HSE has increased its English full-degree offerings from 2 to 13 in recent years to attract students from all backgrounds.

In 2014, HSE founded an International Student Recruitment Center to increase the number of international students from diverse geographic regions. As a commitment partner of IIE’s Generation Study Abroad Initiative, HSE has pledged to quadruple the number of visiting students from the U.S. to reach 100 by 2018.

Outside of HSE’s full-degree programs, international students can earn transferable credits through HSE’s Summer University and Semester in Moscow programs. International students who want to enroll in Russian-taught programs but do not yet have the necessary language skills can acquire them through HSE’s Foundation Year, a program designed for foreign students interested in learning Russian.

HSE’s Internationalization Program sets a successful example for higher education institutions in Russia – and any other country without a history of international activity at the university-level. Drawing from successful models at European and American universities, HSE brings new ideas to higher education in Russia, and demonstrates specific, replicable actions to attract and support foreign students.

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