Strategic Plan for the Internationalization of UDEM

2009 Heiskell Award co-Winner: Internationalizing the Campus

Nomination submitted by: Thomas Buntru, Director of International Programs

Program Overview 
University of Monterrey’s Strategic Plan for Internationalization exemplifies the effectiveness of the campus leadership’s long-term dedication to comprehensive internationalization. “We have embraced internationalization not only as a response to the effects of globalization or in response to our students’ demands for more exchange and study abroad programs, but also as a vehicle to drive the development of the whole institution,” says Rector Francisco J. Azcúnaga Guerra.

Since 1985, when it became the first Mexican institution to offer an undergraduate degree program in International Studies, Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM) has continually strived to be a leader in internationalization of the curriculum, as well as campus, student and faculty exchange. Today, all UDEM students must pass the TOEFL with at least 550 points to graduate. A strategic student mobility plan, initiated in 1999, laid the groundwork for expanding its faculty and student exchange programs. In 2007, 36 percent of the class had a documented study abroad experience and currently, 5 percent of all undergraduates are non-Mexican.

The University leadership’s commitment to international education continues as they build on current strengths. A new strategic plan for internationalization outlines six goals for 2020, ranging from increased development of faculty research activities to reaching 50 percent participation in study abroad. They also plan to offer double degree options for all majors and work to internationalize “institutional culture”, which includes web pages, signage on campus and the institutional image.

The Universidad de Monterrey was selected as a Heiskell Award recipient to recognize its consistent effort and strong ongoing institutional commitment to internationalize across the institution.

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