Category Special Focus: Engineering Programs, Internationalization in the University of Colorado at Boulder's College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

2010 Heiskell Award Honorable: Internationalizing the Campus

Nomination submitted by: Kim Kreutzer, Associate Director, Office of International Education

Program Overview 
When the University of Colorado at Boulder named Learning for a Diverse World as one of the core initiatives of its Flagship 2030 strategic plan, the College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) took the lead with a multifaceted approach that encompasses research partnerships, support for international students and scholars, study abroad opportunities, and global coursework.

At the undergraduate level, CEAS created an international engineering certificate, which includes language, culture and internship components. Through the Mortenson Center in Engineering for Developing Communities and the student chapter of Engineers without Borders, future engineers mix international service with the academic side of engineering study. CEAS also initiated the first dual degree program at the university and currently has four such partnerships.

"By creating more internationally-savvy engineers and by creating an environment that facilitates student and faculty involvement in international projects, the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences is showing us what it means to be truly international," says University of Colorado Chancellor, Philip DiStefano. With five new exchange programs that focus on engineering, three faculty-led Global Seminars abroad, and graduate internships in seven countries, CEAS is recognized for its comprehensive internationalization efforts.

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