Island Roots and Global Reach- Kapiolani community College's International Education Program

2005 Heiskell Award Honorable Mention: Internationalizing the Campus

Nomination submitted by: Leon Richards, Senior Academic Dean

Program Overview 
Recognized for excellence in international and diversity programming, Kapiolani Community College promotes multiculturalism, internationalism, and the inter-connectedness of the global community through programs spanning local, regional, and global contexts. A cluster of "Intercultural Programs" and an annual International Festival (now in its 16th year) are just two of several initiatives that define KapCC's successful campus internationalization efforts. The KapCC service learning model has been adopted by several sister institutions in Japan, and similar hands-on exchanges are included in many KapCC programs. KapCC's "International Café" model has been replicated at several partner institutions in Japan and Korea. Specialized funding through foundation and public grants for each of several initiatives has significantly expanded the reach of KapCC programming.

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