Study Near & Far

2009 Heiskell Award Honorable Mention: Study Abroad at the Community College

Nomination submitted by: Laura Hope, Dean of Instructional Support, Chaffey College

Program Overview 
Chaffey College’s four week program to Cape Town, South Africa, exemplifies the success of its Study Near and Far curriculum, which aims to make study abroad accessible to a student population that would otherwise not have the opportunity.

The South Africa Program consists of three components: to work, live and learn about the people of South Africa. Through relationships with non-governmental agencies such as the Planned Parenthood South Africa Center, the Beth Uriel Boys Home and the Sonke Women’s Justice Center, Chaffey college students work alongside South Africans, learn about South Africa’s social challenges, and realize that what seems possible in textbooks is more difficult in practice. Students also stay with South African families and are encouraged to live as the locals do. In 2008, Chaffey students and faculty raised over $20,000 through raffles, a music night and private donations to make this experience possible. Chaffey College was selected for honorable mention in recognition of its socially-minded and fiscally-practical approach to study abroad.

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