Student-Faculty International Fellowship Program

2012 Heiskell Award Honorable Mention: Internationalizing the Community College

Nomination submitted by: Fay Beauchamp, Director of Center for International Understanding

Program Overview 
The Student-Faculty International Fellowship Program makes study abroad experiences more accessible to the diverse student population at the Community College of Philadelphia. The majority of the College's students have neither the time nor the financial resources necessary for participation in a traditional, semester-long program. In order to address these students' needs, the College designed an innovative study abroad model that provides short-term programs and fully integrated coursework before and during the trip.

Faculty members from various academic departments participate, offering diverse perspectives and concentrations to the students, making each program unique. While students' time abroad is short, the richness of multiple academic disciplines creates an intensive, wide-reaching learning experience.

The College's Center for International Understanding ensures pre-departure preparation and post-return assessment and dissemination through a one-credit Interdisciplinary Studies course. In the first three years of the Student-Faculty International Fellowship Program, 65 students in 11 groups have traveled to such locations as Turkey, China, India, Ghana, Greece, Belize, Peru, and France.

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