Howard Community College and the Community College of Baltimore County

Global Distinction

2012 Heiskell Award Winner: Internationalizing the Community College

Nomination submitted by: Mary Beth Furst, Assistant Professor, Howard Community College

Program Overview 
Global Distinction is an academic enrichment program that strives to improve the global competency of students through a three pronged approach: the globalization of the general education curriculum, cultural immersion, and campus events. The product of a joint effort between Howard Community College and the Community College of Baltimore County, the mission of Global Distinction is to provide the framework to ensure that students become global citizens and are prepared for both academic and professional endeavors in the interconnected and interdependent world of the 21st century.

Student must complete three major components to earn Global Distinction: globally intensive coursework, study abroad or domestic intercultural experience, and college community involvement. Experiences are summarized in an e-portfolio evaluated by the program coordinator.

As noted by Katherine B. Hetherington, President of Howard Community College: "Global Distinction ensures that students who have pursued a globally intensive curriculum will receive recognition, thus improving their transferability and employability. This program meets the critical challenge of preparing students for the interconnected and interdependent world they will enter regardless of their field of study.

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