Vietnam Study Abroad Program

2009 Heiskell Award Honorable Mention: Study Abroad at the Community College

Nomination submitted by: Sandra L. Kikuchi, Director, Salt Lake Community College

Program Overview 
To complement its on-campus nursing program and equip future nurses with the necessary global skills, Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) partners with Children of Peace International to send SLCC nursing students to Vietnam for two and a half weeks. Since the program’s inception in 2004, it has brought nine to twelve nursing students each year to Vietnam.

This program enables students to practice the knowledge and skills gained through their course work and gain clinical experience while learning about the culture of their Vietnamese patients. It also complements the needs of the Salt Lake City medical community, as approximately 12,000 Southeast Asian refugees and immigrants, many of them Vietnamese, have made their home in the State of Utah. “For our nursing students, the disparity of heath care from country to country is a serious and sobering reality”, says Cynthia A. Bioteau, President of SLCC.

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