Fostering International Education Through Study Abroad: Removing Participation Barriers for Students and Faculty

2010 Heiskell Award Winner: Study Abroad

Nomination submitted by: Sharynn Tomlin, Director of the Center for International Studies

Program Overview 
Tripling the number of students studying abroad in just two years, Angelo State University serves as a model for all practitioners seeking to jump-start internationalization initiatives on their campuses.

When Joseph C. Rallo became President of Angelo State University in 2007, he named international studies as one of his key strategic initiatives and was determined to increase study abroad participation on campus. To this end, President Rallo reallocated over $300,000 of permanent funding to found and staff a Center for International Studies (CIS) and redirected private scholarship funds to study abroad scholarships. In 2009, 155 students participating in short-term study abroad programs received full scholarships of approximately $4,200 each for a total university commitment of about $651,000, a huge increase from the $57,000 that had been spent the previous year.

By increasing the number of study abroad programs, encouraging cross-disciplinary programs that appeal to a broader range of academic majors, conducting risk management and even becoming an official Passport Acceptance Agency, CIS has played a key role in the study abroad surge on Angelo State's campus. CIS also provides services to faculty, conducting orientations for program directors, implementing a Faculty Mentoring Program to provide stipends for faculty to accompany summer study abroad programs, coordinating Rosetta Stone Language Training, and presenting professional achievement awards.

Angelo State University was selected to receive a Heiskell Award to recognize its commitment to removing financial barriers for participation in study abroad and the strategic use of programming to raise the profile of study abroad among its students and faculty.

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