Study Abroad Communications Project 

2002 Heiskell Award Honorable Mention: Study Abroad

Nomination submitted by: Janet F. Alperstein, Assistant Dean / Study Abroad Adviser

Program Mission 
Barnard's new program better encourages and prepares students for the "abroad" experience, supports them during it, and helps them integrate it into their ongoing education upon their return. Using multimedia technologies such as live webchats and weekly e-mails to a listserv of students currently overseas, to identify sites and maintain student contact with the Barnard community, the Project has effectively broadened the scope and understanding of study abroad at the College and increased the number of students participating in the Program.

The program has also established connections to alumnae and prospective students living in host countries, and improved campus coordination and understanding of the study abroad option through discussions with faculty. A comprehensive review of the Study Abroad Programs was conducted with every academic department by the Study Abroad Adviser under the auspices of the College's Committee on Instruction. This has led to the expansion of approved study abroad programs, especially in countries where the College has not previously been represented or has been underrepresented. Activities have, moreover, reached out to students normally underrepresented by such programs. As a result, this fall 90 students studied abroad, an increase of 22% over any previous fall numbers.