Faculty-Led Short-Term Study Abroad Programs 

2002 Heiskell Award Honorable Mention: Study Abroad

Nomination submitted by: Emily Hagadorn, Manager, International Center

Program Mission 
In Summer 2001, Brookdale began an initiative to encourage faculty to develop short-term study abroad programs. By definition, these programs would have a duration of less than three months (typically 10 days to two weeks) and be credit-bearing programs (typically 3 credits), with the option to audit. The purpose of these programs was seen as threefold: to open access to study abroad to a wider population of students at our college, to encourage faculty development, and to provide an academically sound short-term study abroad experience which would foster the development of intercultural skills.

Although the concept of short-term study abroad programs is not new, the manner in which they are designed and implemented at Brookdale is unique in its consideration of intercultural development, student needs, faculty professional development, and the realization that institutions are internationalized one individual at a time.

One intercultural skill that students have consistently commented on in their evaluations is what they have learned from interacting with a diverse age group on their study abroad experience. Unique to the community college setting, our program participants have ranged from seventeen to seventy-five on each of our trips. It is a requirement that each of our programs be facilitated by a native in-country academic leader who works closely with our own faculty member providing valuable insights and exposure to the local culture.