Dialogue of Civilizations

2011 Heiskell Award Winner: Study Abroad

Nomination submitted by: Robert P. Lowndes, Vice Provost for International Affairs

Program Overview 
The Dialogue of Civilizations Program connects Northeastern University students with their peers around the world for a series of meetings and discussions on specific themes. They include, among others, language, diplomacy, conflict resolution, public health, entrepreneurship, civil engineering, environmental studies, video production, and music industry.

With some 950 students and 50 faculty participating in five-week summer study abroad annually through Dialogues, faculty and students return to the Northeastern campus each fall with a greater understanding of global issues, international educational exchange of ideas and peoples, and a determination to bring that knowledge into classroom and campus activities.

"Dialogue in Cairo," the first Dialogue program, now has more than 500 alumni who have lived, studied, and experienced Egypt and engaged in meaningful discussions with their peers in the heart of the Arab world. In 2010, there were 49 Dialogue programs at Northeastern.

Provost Stephen W. Director calls Dialogues an "engine of growth" for study abroad at his institution, especially for its role in engaging previously under-represented fields of study: "students in engineering, nursing, physical therapy, business, and computer sciences have especially benefited from these short-term, faculty-led summer programs."

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