Interdisciplinary Global Programs

2017 Heiskell Award Winner: Study Abroad

Nomination submitted by: Melissa Armstrong, Director of Interdisciplinary Global Programs; and Eric Deschamps, Director of Education Abroad

Program Overview
The Interdisciplinary Global Programs are Northern Arizona University’s answer to preparing undergraduates with the skills to seamlessly work across disciplines and borders as they prepare for a complex global future. These five-year, double-major programs integrate language study into students’chosen majors and include an immersion year abroad in which students complete both coursework and an internship. After three years in Arizona, students spend their fourth year abroad completing a semester of coursework and a semester of internship, and return to NAU for a fifth year to complete their degrees and present their internship project in their language of study during the IGP Summit.

Started in 2011 as a method of increasing the number of science and engineering students studying abroad, the IGP language immersion programs have since been replicated in two additional academic colleges—adding business in 2014 and international affairs in 2016—across six different language options. With 22 potential first majors and six potential language/culture majors, the 132 different combinations of majors create new concrete opportunities for faculty to work together across disciplines to design meaningful international experiences for their students.

“We are deeply honored to have been nationally recognized as innovators in International education. NAU’s ongoing committed to global engagement has had a profound impact on the university campus.”

-Daniel Palm, Executive Director, Center for International Education

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