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The IIENetwork offers our members the opportunity to connect with IIE's experts, international education leaders, and fellow members, to stay up-to-date on critical topics, and to share experiences as current events continue to impact international education. We hope you’ll join us for any of these initiatives, which is one of many benefits for IIENetwork members. Alongside conducting the most up to date research on how the world of international education is responding to the COVID-19 crisis, we have developed the following engagement tools to create space for members to share information, what is working, and challenges they face, with video recordings available as resources for our members. We will continue to announce new topics and content in the future.


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IIENetwork Engagement Research Roundtables

June 24, 2021, 1:00PM EDT: Community College Roundtable

July 20, 2021, 2:00 PM EST: Best Practices in Evaluation and Impact Assessment

September 23, 2021, 10:00 AM EST: Project Atlas-Global Mobility Trends Roundtable

Think International, Act Local: A Conversation with IIE on Internationalizing Your Campus

To increase international student mobility, colleges and universities actively reach out to students and stakeholders around the world to promote the opportunities and benefits of an education abroad. But international student recruitment during pandemic recovery will not be the same as pre-COVID-19. Higher education institutions, particularly those in the leading and emerging education destinations around the world, will need to ramp up their global recruitment efforts to spread the message that international students are welcome and to encourage them to pursue opportunities abroad.

IIE is launching an interactive webinar series “Think International, Act Local” to share our knowledge in international student mobility trends and our expertise in outreach and recruitment with our IIENetwork. In each webinar, IIE’s researchers will highlight international student mobility data and trends from top sending countries in select world regions and our international outreach specialists will share insights on localized recruitment strategies to effectively reach and recruit globally mobile students in select countries and world regions. These webinars will be exclusive to members of the IIENetwork.

July 14, 2021: 9:00am EDT: India

Join us in “Think International, Act Local” to

  • Examine trends in international student mobility
  • Gain tips to localize your approach for targeted international student recruitment
  • Inform your international student recruitment strategies and plans
  • Gather qualitative insights on the local education landscape
  • Prepare to answer new questions from prospective students