Kristina Scheurle
External Relationship Partner

Photo of BSMP Grantee - Garcia

Trainees have the opportunity to receive structured and guided hands-on training at a U.S. host organization to advance their skills and knowledge in their professional field of expertise. IIE can consider applications in the following professional fields:

  • Agriculture, forestry, and fishing
  • Arts and culture
  • Education, social sciences, library science counseling and social services
  • Hospitality and tourism
  • Information media and communications
  • Public administration and law
  • Management, business, commerce and finance
  • The sciences, engineering, architecture, mathematics and industrial occupations

Training programs expand the global networks and capabilities of host organizations and their employees, while simultaneously providing trainees with a critical exposure to American business and cultural practices. Trainees share these experiences with their communities and colleagues upon return to their home countries. The trainee program is not a substitute for ordinary employment or to gain additional work experience. Trainee positions cannot fill an employment need for the host organization or displace American workers.

Trainee Program Application

For foreign nationals with significant experience in their occupational field to receive structured and guided hands-on training to advance their skills and knowledge in this field of expertise.

Download the J-1 Trainee Fact Sheet and Fees (PDF)