Image of downtown Yangon with USAID logo overlaid

Introducing the New Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship Program (DISP)

IIE is honored to announce that USAID/Burma has awarded IIE the Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship Program (DISP).

The purpose of DISP is to support current and future community leaders of Burma, particularly those from vulnerable groups, to gain access to quality higher education (HE) learning opportunities by offering regional and local HE scholarships, grants under contract, and a variety of higher education opportunities via multimodalities that strengthen the HE landscape.

Over the past 40 years, IIE has effectively implemented over 100 USAID projects in over 30 countries valued at more than $500 million, spanning all regions of the world. Our work has spanned diverse and crosscutting sectors, including scholarship and fellowship management, workforce development, university partnerships, and local capacity building. Learn more about the history of USAID programs managed by IIE at

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