Participating Universities

Where Should I Apply?

Universities eligible to receive CCSP grantees are listed below. Applicants should choose a university and faculty member that will be well suited to their area of academic research. This faculty member will be their primary adviser while in China and will write the required letter of invitation. Letters of invitation must be in English, or accompanied by a signed translation provided by the host institution, and must be on university or departmental letterhead. Applicants will need to upload this letter as part of their online application.

The documents below contain descriptions, in Chinese, of participating faculty member's area(s) of academic interest, as well as contact information. Applicants should consider this a resource, but not an exhaustive list, of eligible faculty members and areas of research. Any faculty member holding the rank of Associate Professor or higher at one of the 15 participating institutions listed below is eligible to serve as the grantee's primary adviser.

In addition, applicants are encouraged to seek guidance from their home university faculty when determining which host university and adviser will be most appropriate for their research field.

Beijing Foreign Studies University (211 KB, PDF)

Beijing Language and Culture University (217 KB, PDF)

Beijing Normal University (304 KB, PDF)

East China Normal University (196 KB, PDF)

Fudan University (200 KB, PDF)

Jilin University (144 KB, PDF)

Nanjing University (286 KB, PDF)

Nankai University (318 KB, PDF)

Peking University (206 KB, PDF)

Renmin University (430 KB, PDF)

Shandong University (204 KB, PDF)

Sichuan University (178 KB, PDF)

Sun Yat-sen University (193 KB, PDF)

Wuhan University (317 KB, PDF)

Xiamen University (450 KB, PDF)

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