Crisis Response

For over 100 years, IIE has been a pioneer in responding to the greatest global emergencies of our time. From protecting students and scholars caught in the crossfire of the Bolshevik Revolution, to helping those impacted by the Spanish Civil War, Nazi Germany, Hungarian Revolution, and apartheid. From the war in Ukraine, to the crisis in Afghanistan. From the global refugee crisis, to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The underlying causes vary, but as new and existing threats loom, the need for our interventions grow each day.

Responding swiftly to the urgent needs of students, scholars, and artists experiencing crises is a core tenet of our mission to make the world a more just and peaceful place. IIE is uniquely positioned to quickly identify areas of need, mobilize key resources and distribute emergency aid — thanks to our unparalleled worldwide network and infrastructure of over 10,000 international education professionals and over 1,500 member institutions and organizations.

You make this work possible. Join us to help students, scholars, and artists who are bravely and boldly persevering through unimaginable odds.


Office of Philanthropy