Susan G. Komen for the Cure ® Global Initiative for Breast Cancer Awareness
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Program at a Glance

More than 1,000 breast cancer advocates trained across ten countries in Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East

60 community grant projects reached 25,000 people, including rural and urban women, youth, indigenous populations and health professionals

22,000 women screened for breast cancer, through partnerships with local Ministries of Health, NGOs and medical facilities


About the program

This ground-breaking initiative aims to empower diverse stakeholders with the training, tools and support needed to influence strategic country-specific programming and funding decisions around breast cancer. Strengthening individual and organizational capacity to launch effective education, awareness and advocacy campaigns that will increase early breast cancer detection and reduce mortality.

What We Do

  • Network-Building:  The Global Initiative engages and connects non-governmental organization staff, community leaders, health educators, medical professionals, students, academics, religious leaders, breast cancer survivors, as well as business and government officials.
  • Training: Through a rich offering of workshops, the program supports its network and builds the capacity of participants to better address breast cancer needs locally and globally. At the core of the Initiative is Course for the Cure™ (CFTC), a training curriculum that draws on Komen’s three decades of experience in breast cancer awareness and advocacy.
  • Research: The Global Initiative provides participants with the tools to identify and address their community’s unmet needs or “barriers” in breast cancer programs. These prioritized barriers form the basis for developing local breast cancer education outreach, awareness programs and advocacy efforts.
  • Support: The program offers a Community Grants Program that supports Global Initiative participants as they design innovative, collaborative community projects that address the most pressing breast cancer needs in their community.

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Where We Work

The Global Initiative has been implemented in various cities throughout  Brazil, Costa Rica, Egypt, Jordan, Mexico, Panama, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates.

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About Us

The Komen Global Initiative for Breast Cancer Awareness is funded by the Susan G. Komen for the Cure and implemented in collaboration with local partners in Brazil, Costa Rica, Egypt, Jordan, Mexico, Panama, Romania, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Ukraine. The Komen Global Initiative was managed by the Institute of International Education, West Coast Center from 2007 to 2011.

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