What is the Myanmar Higher Education Initiative?

The IIE Myanmar Higher Education Initiative trains Ministry officials and university representatives in Myanmar on how to create and manage an effective international relations office. This initiative represents an interest on the part of U.S. higher education in taking part in the process of building connections and building capacity within Myanmar higher education. With the help of dedicated partners around the world, this initiative has grown and will continue to grow rapidly alongside the ever-changing needs of Myanmar as they open up to the world.

Who is involved?

This has been a truly collaborative initiative with key experts and partners around the globe guiding its development. Advisory board members include Priscilla Clapp, retired Minister-Counselor and former Charge d’Affaires at the U.S. Embassy in Myanmar, U.S. Foreign Service and Senior Advisor at the Asia Society, Suzanne DiMaggio, Vice President, Global Policy Programs with the Asia Society, Zachary Klim, associate director of Academic Initiatives and Global Programs, New York University and Robert Rotberg, former Director of the Program on Intrastate Conflict (1999-2010) at John F. Kennedy School of Government Harvard University and former President Emeritus, World Peace Foundation.


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