USAID LOTUS Scholarship Program | Eligibility


USAID Lotus Scholarship Program

Eligibility criteria for the LOTUS Scholarship Program include:

  • Egyptian citizenship (Egyptian citizens who are also U.S. citizens or holders of a U.S. Green Card are not eligible.  Egyptian citizens who have any other second nationality may apply.)
  • Thanawya Amma Certificate with one of the following statuses as of May 25, 2013:
    • Student in third year secondary at an Egyptian public school, experimental school or Azhari school.
    • Minimum score of 85% on second year Thanaweya Amma exam and minimum of 85% cumulative Thanaweya Amma score for both second and third years
    • Active involvement in school or university, or community activities including, but not limited to: student council, clubs, sports, community service, etc.  Highly competitive applicants will be serving in leadership roles in these activities.
    • Demonstrated high financial need

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