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What is 10,000 Women ?

Goldman Sachs launched 10,000 Women in March 2008. It is a $100 million, five-year campaign to foster greater shared economic growth by providing 10,000 underserved women around the world with a business and management education. The program is founded on research conducted by Goldman Sachs, the World Bank, and others which suggests this kind of investment can have a significant impact on GDP growth. Research also suggests that such an investment in women can have a significant multiplier effect that leads not only to increased revenues and more employees for businesses, but also healthier, better-educated families, and ultimately more prosperous communities.

IIE partners with Goldman Sachs to plan and execute the 10,000 Women Leadership Academy, an annual global convening on 10,000 Women partners.

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Why 10,000 Women ?

Expanding the entrepreneurial talent and managerial pool in developing and emerging economies, especially among women, is one of the most important means to reducing inequality and ensuring more shared economic growth.

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Who has partnered with10,000 Women?

10,000 Women is coordinated in local markets by a network of more than 70 academic and NGO partners. More than thirty of the world's leading business schools are participating in 10,000 Women, including seven of the top ten. is built on the premise that partnerships between education, development and business experts can help bring about significant change through improved business education for women.

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Who are 10,000 Women?

10,000 Women scholars are women entrepreneurs with small to medium-sized enterprises poised for growth.

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