Please note the deadline for the 2015-2016 cycle has passed.

Fellows will be announced in the Spring. To receive current information, sign up for our mailing list.

Materials below are FOR REFERENCE ONLY, and SHOULD NOT be used for 2016-2017 applications as materials and the submission process are subject to change.

To Apply

1) Download the application materials

You must have the most current version of Adobe Reader to download the materials. First save the file to your computer then verify that you have saved it correctly by completing a few fields, saving the form, closing it and re-opening it. When you open your saved file, you should see the information you entered and be able to add and edit. DO NOT PRINT the forms as a PDF. You are encouraged to draft and save your application in Word and then move it to the form.

2015-2016 IAF Fellowship Application Instructions (301 KB, PDF)

2015-2016 IAF Applicant Certification (53 KB, PDF)

2015-2016 IAF Fellowship Application (381 KB, PDF)

2015-2016 IAF Fellowship Language Proficiency Report (94 KB, PDF)

2) Complete the IAF Fellowship Application

The form must be submitted as a PDF document. Applications are processed electronically. If the application cannot be read, it must be corrected before it can move forward. Please do not use tabs or indents, and do not change any spacing or other formatting. You may use bold and italics. All text must be visible within the field. If you cannot see it, reviewers will not see it. Keep your responses concise, and note the word limits. You should type over the default text, and you should be able to see your own text after you leave the field. Abbreviate as required. The application includes:

  • Personal and Contact Information
  • Research Overview
  • Academic Background
  • A Custom Curriculum Vitae
  • A Personal Statement
  • Field Research Plan
  • Bibliography

3) Gather Required Attachments

  • Foreign Language Proficiency Report (Native speakers must complete as indicated. All applicants should include their name on page one.)
  • IAF Applicant Certification
  • Three Academic References
  • University Certification
  • Letter(s) of Affiliation
  • IRB Approval or Exemption (or letter by applicant with timeline)
  • All Graduate Transcripts (including foreign studies - do NOT include undergrad transcripts)

4) Submission

All supporting documents should be saved as a PDF file or Word file (.doc) and forwarded electronically by the source indicated in the instructions to Please note the signature requirements. Signatures may be JPEG or TIFF - typed names and certified signatures are not acceptable.

The applicant's full name and university should be clearly indicated on the subject line and the attachments.

The application and Foreign Language Proficiency Report must be submitted via the fillable form via email. If using regular mail send other required attachments to the following address:

Institute of International Education
Attn: IAF Fellowship Program
1400 K Street, N.W. - 7th Floor
Washington, D.C. 20005

Applicants are encouraged, but not required, to use a service that confirms receipt. Due to the volume of applications IIE cannot confirm receipt of individual documents - applicants should be in touch with the sender. All applicants will receive communication after the deadline regarding the completeness of their application. For further information contact 202.326.7796 or

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