International Students

Academic Level

Total numbers of undergraduate, graduate, non-degree, and OPT international students

Academic Level and Place of Origin

International students from all places of origin with information about the number of undergraduates, graduates, non-degree, and OPT students.

Enrollment Trends

Total number of international students compared with overall enrollments in higher education from 1948/49 to 2015/16

New International Enrollment

Total number of new international students with information about academic levels (undergraduate, graduate, and non-degree) students from 2005/06 - 2015/16

Enrollment by Institutional Type

International students by Carnegie Classification's institutional types (Doctoral, Master's, Baccalaureate, Associate's, and Special Focus institutions)

Leading Institutions by Institutional Type

Top 40 institutions hosting international students for each by Carnegie Classification institutional type (Doctoral, Master's, Baccalaureate, Associate's, and Special Focus institutions)

Primary Source of Funding

Information on international students' primary source of funding (personal & family, U.S. college or university, foreign government or university, current employment, foreign private sponsor, U.S. government, U.S. private sponsor, or international organization)

Fact Sheets and Infographics

Infographics and fact sheets on international student by state, top 25 leading places of origin, and worldwide regions

All Institutions

A table of all institutions hosting more than 10 international students. Access to this premium content is a primarily a benefit for members of the IIENetwork membership association.