Research Special Reports and Analyses

Since 1919, IIE has pioneered the collection and analysis of student mobility data. In addition to the publicly available data on the Open Doors ® website, IIE’s Center for Academic Mobility Research and Impact also carries out customized research on academic mobility and the internationalization of higher education.

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Expanding Vistas: International Academic Mobility in Brazil

This study provides insight into global mobility in Brazil’s higher education sector. With support from the Australian Government’s Department of Education and Training, the IIE Center for Academic Mobility Research examines select indicators of internationalization in Brazilian higher education, including the provision of courses taught in English, virtual learning, and initiatives to support inbound and outbound student flows.

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A World on the Move

October 11, 2017 -- A World on the Move highlights key developments currently influencing student mobility in higher education in the United States and globally. Drawing upon Open Doors, Project Atlas and other sources of global data, the analysis points to a continuing demand for an international higher education in many parts of the world. Against the backdrop of recent trends, this report provides insight into the context of international student mobility.

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