Gift Ukrainian Students the Opportunity to Succeed

AUK provides education that gives freedom. The freedom to invent impactful products, discover new solutions, and play an integral part in the global economy. The freedom to realize untapped potential.

AUK’s mission is to educate leaders of the future to address societal challenges through research and collaboration and act as a catalyst for transforming the educational system of Ukraine. AUK, powered by Arizona State University, creates an optimum environment for young talent to develop their professional skills and drive progress while remaining in their homeland, Ukraine.

The AUK Scholarship Fund will provide the unique opportunity for Ukrainian students to earn an American degree while studying in Ukraine. AUK welcomes cooperation and collaboration with individual and corporate donors who are ready and willing to support the development of Ukraine through world-class education.

To support the AUK Scholarship Fund via credit card, please make a donation now and designate your gift by selecting “Other” in the gift designation dropdown and entering “AUK Scholarship Fund” in the gift designation text field.

To donate by wire, contact IIE at for transfer instructions. To help us facilitate timely processing and acknowledgement of your donation, please notify our team with the details listed below prior to making a transfer.

To donate by check, please complete our gift form and send to:

Office of Philanthropy
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Please make checks payable to “Institute of International Education.”

IIE works with the American University of Kyiv to administer these tax-deductible donations.

Gift Ukrainian Students the Opportunity to Succeed