Emissions Reduction

Voluntary Emissions Reduction and NGO Participation in China

Environmental NGO conducts site visit at school in Sichuan province, China.Alcoa Foundation is supporting critical research conducted by the China Center for International Economic Exchanges and Tsinghua University. The research will focus on the state of climate change policy and the engagement of NGOs in this field in China. Environmental NGOs in China and other countries have become increasingly important in addressing climate change globally. China is raising the bar beyond the existing national climate plan by promoting societal participation in mitigating climate change and encouraging the active participation of environmental NGOs.

To date, China's NGOs have not reached their full potential in promoting voluntary emissions reduction. The focus of this project is to learn about how NGOs in China are currently supporting climate change issues in order to provide policy recommendations. Through the research, the team hopes to be able to establish and promote detailed voluntary emissions reduction rules and understand the mechanisms by which NGOs participate in climate change issues in China.

Voluntary Emissions Reduction Video

China Center for International Economic Exchanges
Tsinghua University Play NGO Participation in Voluntary Emissions Reduction Video (1:43)
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