Low Carbon Development

Chinese Public Policy: Promoting a Low-Carbon Economy

It is widely acknowledged that China's economic growth is outstripping its natural resources and presenting the nation with an ever-growing carbon footprint. Alcoa Foundation is supporting research by the China Center for International Economic Exchanges to develop a national low-carbon economic growth model in China. Given China's growth trajectory, this project has the potential to have widespread impact that could benefit the entire planet.

To date, China has made outstanding achievements in economic development, which has contributed to many environmental challenges that remain to be solved. These include: the need to reconcile high-speed economic and social development with limited environmental resources; problems of high cost, high consumption, high pollution and low efficiency in economic development; as well as other concerns with sustainable development. The current economic growth model's high carbon consumption rates will need adjustment in order for sustainability to be achieved in China.

The focus of this project is researching how to promote the development of a low-carbon economy in China by improving public policy, establishing effective relationships between the government and people in fostering the development of a low-carbon economy.

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China Center for International Economic Exchanges
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