Advanced Research in Energy and Environmental Economics - Europe

Alcoa Foundation partners at the University of Vigo and Economics for Energy, Xavier Labandeira and Klaas Würzburg, discuss their research on the relationship between economics and the environment.

Advanced Research in Energy and Economics

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Responsible Water Resources Management for Sustainable Development - Russia

Galina Grigorieva of Alcoa Russia discusses the water management program in Russia.

Water Management Video

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Lightweight Metal-Based Vehicle Structures: Innovative Design and Agile Manufacture - US

Glenn Daehn and Anthony Luscher, from The Ohio State University, discuss their lightweight metal-based vehicles research.


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Chinese Public Policy: Promoting a Low-Carbon Economy - China

Researchers at The China Center for International Economic Exchanges speak about the challenges of promoting a low carbon economy in China.

Low Carbon Development Video

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Voluntary Emissions Reduction and NGO Participation in China - China

Researchers from Tsinghua University speak about their study of NGO participation in voluntary emission reduction in China.

Voluntary Emissions Reduction Video

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SMART: New Mobility Solutions for Beijing and Detroit - Global

Sue Zielinski and the SMART research team at the University of Michigan discuss their research in new mobility solutions for Detroit and Beijing.


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Biochar and Energy from Trees - Australia

Greening Australia staff explain how burning trees can be a source of carbon-negative energy production while simultaneously protecting the environment.


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Toward Sustainable Landscapes: Phosphorus Management to Protect Wetlands - Australia

Learn how Alcoa Foundation partner, Greening Australia, is tackling the problem of phosphorus fertilizer run-off in Western Australia wetlands.


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