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Adriana: August 2014 Student of the Month "What makes me more passionate about my field of study is the huge variety of energy resources and how their right application gives us the chance of making a more sustainable future for generations to come. I’m very proud I just achieved the academic honor of being named to the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology Dean’s List of the 2014 Spring Semester, which reflects my commitment and hard work. I hope to be able to keep up with my good work and have a bright successful future ahead of me."

Adriana Falconi Telles Da Cruz, Fundacao Universidade Federal Do Abc, Brazil, August 2014 Student of the Month.

Marina: August 2014 Student of the Month"I became especially interested in math education because of some subjects in high school that I could not understand; why did I have to follow an specific sequence of rules? No one told me why, and I really had to discover that. Why do these rules always work? This motivates me to study and learn how to teach these things and give them meaning , and it is what I would like to do in the future, especially with special needs children. I saw with my own eyes that they can learn with a little bit of attention and patience. That is all they need to reach the sky."

Marina Muniz Campelo, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil, August 2014 Student of the Month.

Carla: August 2014 Student of the Month"As a future physical therapist, I hope to work in neurological rehabilitation and research. My plan for the future is to learn as much as possible with the opportunity that BSMP is giving me. Moreover, my plan is to come back to my home country and show the people there how amazing science can be, developing and ensuring the best for the patients that need our help. I hope to pursue a successful career, helping my nation to develop a better world for everybody, and now I believe that I can inspire them."

Carla Rigo Lima, Universidade Federal De Alfenas, Brazil, August 2014 Student of the Month.

Didan: August 2014 Student of the Month"The discussion about robots living among us is becoming more present in our society, and I’ve had experience in it before. My father has completely lost the movement of his left arm after a motorcycle accident. When I heard about Biomedical Engineering, which, in Brazil, is only taught at the university where I study, I thought about my father. I want to do something that can help him and many people with similar problems. I’m still new in this field, but I intend to research nanotechnology and nanoparticles, linking the study of this field with 3D printers, which has already begun at my university, and do what I love to do: study, and one day help people who need it, and help my father, too."

Didan Junqueira Ribeiro, Universidade De Brasilia, Brazil, August 2014 Student of the Month.

Gabriel: August 2014 Student of the Month"Dentistry: why did I choose this profession? Why not turn into a journalist like my mother and father, or a lawyer, as my grandparents always wanted?In the beginning of college, I wasn’t sure about the answers of those questions. But now, after 7 semesters in one of the greatest university of Brazil, UFMG, and after being in contact with several different patients, I can clearly answer I chose dentistry for the opportunity to take away the pain, to give back smiles to the people. In the future, I want to divide my professional life in two parts, half of the week in my dental office (the direct contact with the patients is what I like most), and the other half giving classes and doing research in a university."

Gabriel Ferreira Pessoa Carvalho Miranda, Universidade Federal De Minas Gerais, Brazil, August 2014 Student of the Month.

Djalma: August 2014 Student of the Month"What do I love? What do I hope for my future? One important choice in 2011- studying Chemical Engineering - changed my life. I’ve never imagined before that I could arrive where I am today; I am doing an internship at EMBRAER Executive Jets, which is one of the main manufactures of aircrafts in the world. And what makes me proud? It is a Brazilian company which is showing the world what the Brazilian people are capable of; we are capable of doing anything."

Djalma Batista Oliveira Filho, Universidade Federal De Sergipe, Brazil, August 2014 Student of the Month.

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