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Meet Our Students

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SOTM-March2014-Mayara"I'm a student in Agricultural Engineering student and, this semester, I chose 'Nursery and Floriculture Crop Production' at the University of Kentucky. In this class I have been learning a lot of things about greenhouse production in U.S. I’m the only international student in this class, and it gives me the chance to interact even more with Americans. Every student in this class is responsible for one crop, and mine is the Petunia (Variety: Surfinia). It’s a commercially important flower in US. I love them. At this point they have been growing for 3 weeks." 

Mayara de Souza Silva, Universidade Federal do Vale do Sao Francisco, Brazil, March 2014 Student of the Month.

SOTM-March2014-Ana-Carla"My favorite class this semester is Polymers and Materials, in which I am learning a lot about polymers’ structures, properties, applications and all the science behind this material. The professor, Dr. Narayan, provides us with his notes of the material, which makes our study hours much more successful and efficient. Dr. Narayan is giving me the opportunity to work in his lab this summer. It is a research in “New generation polymers” and the setting of his lab is just astonishing! He is an entrepreneur and very distinguished professor at MSU. Given his level of expertise and professionalism, I am super excited and privileged to work in his presence and can’t wait to start my internship."

Ana Carla Almeida Goncalves, Universidade Federal dos Vales do Jequitinhonha e Mucuri, Brazil, March 2014 Student of the Month.

Filipe"During my winter break I had the opportunity to fly an aerobatic airplane! It was on January 18th, when I controlled an airplane for the first time in my life. As an Aerospace Engineering student, I think it was worth each second I spent up there in the sky, learning from the pilot perspective and having fun."


Filipe Briann Gomes Coelho, Universidade Federal De Minas Gerais, Brazil, February 2014 Student of the Month.

Leticia"The United States tests me in every experience that I live here. The classes are far different from Brazil, offering me a “Learn by Doing” lifestyle that every Materials Engineering student should experience.  Since getting here, I have already gone on two field trips, and four laboratories where I crystallized bismuth, created and observed nanomaterials and used equipment for Materials Characterization, which I might never have been allowed to use in Brazil."

Leticia dos Reis Goncales, Fundacao Universidade Federal Do ABC, Brazil, February 2014 Student of the Month.

Student of the Month for December 2013: Arthur"The fall semester was pleasant and important for gathering knowledge, and synchronizing it with practical experience as a final requirement of some of my courses. I learned a lot about the management of plants, the current food production scenario, and good points about how to improve yield and sustainability in agriculture. The main difference that I noticed between my U.S. and Brazilian universities was the final project, with the deadline at the end of the semester. In my case, I started to conduct a research project in early October, performing an experiment with soybeans inside a greenhouse for forty-five days. I analyzed the plants at the plant physiology laboratory and presented the results properly. In my opinion, these factors allow a student to link all that was learned in lectures and lab courses, leading to a greater assimilation of the course. It also helps the class to become more interested in research topics, and getting strongly involved in the course."

Arthur Martins Almeida Bernardeli, Universidade Federal De Vicosa, Brazil, December 2013 Student of the Month.

Student of the Month for December 2013: Anna Claudia"This year was one of the most important experiences I have had, and will ever have, in my life. I learned to have fun even on the most stressful days; I learned to give the right value to the things I had before; I learned how to make choices; and the best and most important one, was that I was able to come to the U.S.! Thanks to all the amazing people that made this wonderful experience worth it, and that contributed to the positive changes that I had inside me."

Anna Claudia Fischer, Universidade Estadual Do Oeste Do Parana, Brazil, December 2013 Student of the Month.

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