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IIENetworker, the magazine of the Institute of International Education's membership association (IIENetwork), is a magazine for international education professionals to share experience and knowledge that strengthen professional practice.

IIENetworker publishes pieces on all aspects of international education in the United States and around the world and features new research, as well as resources and articles that deal with everyday practice. To view all past issues of the magazine, please visit Our Online Archive.

Article Submission

Call for Papers: IIENetworker Fall 2016 Issue "Virtual Exchange: Connected Learning in the Digital Age"

Submission Deadline: April 29, 2016

As new media continues to shape today’s academic experiences, so too has it found a place in the world of international education. The idea of virtual exchange has become a reality for countless institutions around the world, and continues to gain momentum as we see how it can provide deep and interactive learning experiences. These exchanges are technology-enabled programs allowing for the sustained sharing of ideas through a people-to-people education approach.

The reported benefits and teachings from the use of virtual exchange have been numerous. For students who may not have the ability to travel internationally, it is a gateway to another culture and helps them to succeed as global citizens in an increasingly interdependent world. In the 21st century, these cross-cultural skills are vital to personal and professional success, and virtual exchanges can connect peers across continents in an effort to achieve this shared goal.

The purpose of this issue of the IIENetworker magazine is to delve deeper into the ever evolving landscape of virtual exchange in order to explore, share and continue the dialogue around this emerging educational model. As we look to submissions for the upcoming issue, please consider some of the following topics:

  • Best practices in supporting and administering virtual exchange programs at various education levels.
  • Use of new and/or innovative platforms & programs to conduct virtual exchange, which may include case studies focusing on current or past projects and their overall impact.
  • A look into the changing landscape of virtual exchange and what we might expect in the years to come. Is there potential for this type of exchange to replace in-person programs or work alongside them?
  • Virtual exchange in conflict zones or areas where traditional in-person exchange may not be feasible.

If you are interested in submitting an article for the fall 2016 issue of IIENetworker please let us know as soon as possible. Submissions are due by April 29, 2016 and should be between 1000 and 1500 words. Address all inquiries to Courtney Lind at clind@iie.org.

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