What is E-Mediat?

E-Mediat is a technology training and capacity building program developed in response to Secretary Clinton's announcement of Civil Society 2.0, an initiative which helps grassroots organizations around the world use digital technology to tell their stories, build membership and support, and connect to their community of peers around the world. The program builds the capacity of local organizations to advocate for their work, sustain their programs, and find creative solutions to shared challenges.

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What type of training does E-Mediat offer?

The E-Mediat program delivers targeted, cutting-edge training and coaching to over 220 NGOs in order to build their digital infrastructure and capacity to use new media effectively. New media tools facilitate rapid and inexpensive communication across geographical boundaries, helping participant NGOs better engage with their local communities and members.

Where does E-Mediat work?

IIE provides technical support and training on new media for civil society to NGOs across five countries: Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, and Yemen. The training, coaching, and mentoring opportunities offered through the program empower participant organizations to use new skills and knowledge to tell their stories, build their membership and support bases, and connect to a community of peers around the world.


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