Inter-American Foundation (IAF) Grassroots Development Fellowship Program
The IAF Fellowship By the Numbers

Since the Ph.D. fellowships' reinstatement in 2007 the program has...

  • Funded over 100 fellows
  • In 18 different countries
  • Representing 23 broad fields of study (e.g.; sociology, anthropology, political science)
  • From 39 different U.S. universities.

Since the fellowships were first awarded in 1974, the IAF has...

  • Awarded more than 1,100 fellowships
  • For study or research in 33 different countries in the region
  • To citizens of 35 countries in the region
  • From more than 90 different universities.


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Inter-American Foundation Journal

Volume 31 of Grassroots Development, the journal of the Inter-American Foundation, included an article on the history of the IAF’s Fellowship Programs.  Volumes 32, 33 and 34 of Grassroots Development include articles by former Fellows. 

Read the article on the fellowship programs (262 KB, PDF)

Volume 34 - Fall 2013 (3.8 MB, PDF)

Volume 33 - Fall 2012 (4.2 MB, PDF)

Volume 32 - Fall 2011 (5.2 MB, PDF)

Volume 31 - Fall 2010 (4.3 MB, PDF)

You may also view the 2013 IAF Annual Report, as well as the 2012 IAF Annual Report and 2011 IAF Annual Report.

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Who is eligible?

Ph.D. candidates who are currently enrolled at a U.S. university and are citizens of the United States or of an independent country in Latin America or the Caribbean, except Cuba, may apply. Before beginning research funded under the IAF Fellowship, students must have advanced to candidacy for a Ph.D. in the social sciences, physical sciences, technical fields or other disciplines as related to grassroots development issues in Latin America or the Caribbean

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Where are programs administered?

Fellowships provide support for field research in independent countries in Latin America or the Caribbean, except for Cuba. Proposals for field research in Puerto Rico or the Dutch, French and British territories are not accepted.

What is the Inter-American Foundation?

The Inter-American Foundation (IAF) was created in 1969 by the United States Congress to fund the self-help initiatives of the organized poor in Latin America and the Caribbean and the groups that directly support them. The IAF disseminates research findings of its Fellows to a broad audience concerned with development. The IIE has partnered with the IAF to administer its Grassroots Development Fellowship Program.

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What is included?

Fellowship awards include a research allowance of up to $3,000; a $1,500 monthly stipend for a period from between four to 12 months, international round trip transportation to the research site, health insurance and attendance at a mandatory mid-year conference.

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