Q: What are the program’s start and end dates?

A: The 2013 cohort of Young Champions started their internships on February 1, 2013, after attending the Global Maternal Health Conference in Arusha, Tanzania from January 15-17, 2013. The program will continue for nine months, through October 31, 2013.

The start date for the next group of Young Champions has not yet been determined.

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Q: What sort of time commitment is required for participation in the MHYC program?

A: The MHYC internship is a full-time commitment. It is recommended that Young Champions plan to take a sabbatical from their work or studies for the duration of the program.

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Q: How is the internship/mentorship placement determined?

A: Internship placement is determined after the final selection of each cohort of Young Champions. Each Young Champion will be matched with an appropriate host institution, based on the Young Champion's stated interest areas. The application essays provide an opportunity for each applicant to provide a description of their interests and the type of work they are hoping to do during the internship. Mentors will be selected from the organization with which the Young Champion is placed.

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Q: How much is the stipend associated with the fellowship?

A: Young champions will receive a monthly stipend that has been calculated to comfortably cover all living expenses in their country. Details will be provided at the time of the award.

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