Funding: The Key Obstacle to Study Abroad

Funding is a key obstacle to studying abroad. That's why over half of the partners of the Generation Study Abroad network have made commitments to increasing scholarships for students.Nearly $129 million in student scholarships has been raised by the Generation Study Abroad Commitment Partner network.

IIE-Administered Scholarships & Fellowships for U.S. Students

Partner Funding Opportunities


CAPA The Global Education Network is an international education organization (IEO) providing academic programs abroad for accredited American colleges and universities. CAPA offers multiple need-based scholarships ranging $1000-4000/semester and $500-3000/summer based on the following criteria: 1) financial need; 2) articulation of personal, professional, and academic goals; 3) Identity/under representation; 4) demonstrated commitment to studying abroad.

For more information about the scholarships details and other scholarships options, please visit their website.


Generation Study Abroad Commitment Partner CIEE is supporting the Initiative through their $20,000 Generation Study Abroad Access Grant which recognizes programs that increase access to students in groups that are traditionally underrepresented in study abroad. The grant program is part of CIEE’s pledge to break through the barriers of cost, curriculum, and culture to double the number of students from all backgrounds, socioeconomic status, and majors who study abroad by 2020. Faculty and Study Abroad Advisors, who are interested in applying for the 2019 grant, should visit the grant details page.


ISEP provides ISEP Community Scholarships and ISEP Founders Fellowships support ISEP’s mission of extending access and affordability of study abroad to all students at our member institutions in 54 countries. In the year of 2016, 19 awards of ISEP Community Scholarships worth $500 were given to students from ISEP member institutions who have demonstrated financial need and are statistically underrepresented in study abroad. Plus, one (1) award of ISEP Founders Fellowship of $2,500 were given to students from ISEP member institutions who have demonstrated financial need, are statistically underrepresented in study abroad and demonstrate ISEP values through a creative digital project.

ISEP Community Scholarships and ISEP Founders Fellowships will be awarded twice a year. Deadlines are typically in April and October of each year. For more detailed information about the scholarships please go to their scholarship page.


CALE Now is a life-changing summer enrichment and international travel program for students ages 11 to 14. CALE Now is devoted to transforming the future of young people by providing them with a unique opportunity to not only learn about a different culture and country, but also to visit and immerse themselves in that environment.

CALE Now provide up to 10 awards of a $5,000 scholarship for 8 workshops in the US and one-week international travel costs.

The deadline for 2017 Scholarship application is March 31. For more information about application eligibility and online application, please visit their website.

WSA Europe (Weekend Student Adventures)

In accordance with the mission to facilitate life-changing international experiences, WSA has created the Cultural Bridge Scholarship to allow students the incredible, enriching opportunity to study abroad in Europe.

The Cultural Bridge Scholarship is provided per semester for €500 to one (1) student who is able to show what motivated him/her to study abroad and what he/she hopes to get out of the experience.

The deadline for Fall Semester Scholarship is August 15th. For more information about application requirements, process and online application, please visit their web page

EF College Study Tour

EF College Study Tour provides total worth of $20,000 Beyond the Classroom Scholarships to students who applied College Study Tours. Scholarships will be awarded in an amount between $500 and $2,500 to each student. Winners will be selected based on the quality and skill of a written essay and submit your essay on their website if you are interested in the scholarship.

Deadlines of the scholarship application are dependent on the applicant’s program departure month. For programs departing from October 2017 through January 2018, please submit your application by July 31st, 2017; for programs departing from February 2018 through May 2018, please submit your application by October 31st, 2017; for programs departing from June 2018 through July 2018, please submit your application by January 31st, 2018. For more detailed information about Eligibility, Promotion Period, General Conditions, etc., visit here

EUSA-Academic Internship Experts

EUSA created the Live, Intern, and Learn Abroad Scholarship initiative to increase access to internship abroad programs by addressing financial barriers. The Live, Learn, and Intern Abroad program is designed to award scholarships to U.S. undergraduate students participating in a program that includes a EUSA internship. The program began in 2017 and will continue through 2020. Scholarships are awarded each program term (Spring, Summer, Fall) in amounts ranging from $500 to $2,000.

The deadlines of scholarship application are February 1st for Summer term participants and March 30th for Fall term participants; October 16th for Spring term participants. For more information about the scholarship and other scholarship options, please visit their website or download the PDF.

Go Overseas

Go Overseas is providing an Ireland Study Abroad Scholarship to 15 undergraduate and 11 postgraduate full-tuition scholarships with a total amount worth more than $275,000. A full-tuition scholarship covers the cost of your tuition for a semester (undergrad or PhD) or a full year (master’s). Plus, two (2) lucky students will also receive free round-trip airfare to Ireland.

The deadline for the scholarship application is March 17, 2017. Learn more information about the scholarship details and other scholarship options.

Trinity College Dublin

The Trinity College Dublin, as part of its Generation Study Abroad pledge, offers multiple STEM Study Abroad scholarships to students applying to study abroad in the Faculty of Engineering, Maths and Sciences at Trinity College Dublin for at least one semester in the 2017/2018 academic year. The deadline is 5PM GMT on 15 April 2017. Study Abroad Excellence Scholarships are also provided to students with academic excellence who are planning to study abroad at Trinity College Dublin for at least one semester in the 2017/2018 academic year. The deadline is 5PM GMT on 15 April 2017. More information about the eligibility, criteria, online application of these two scholarships and other scholarship opportunities is available on their site

Education New Zealand

Education New Zealand and New Zealand institutions are supporting Generation Study Abroad students with excellence and travel awards. Multiple $2,000 Travel Awards, $500 Generation Study Abroad New Zealand Universities Excellence Awards and $500 Generation Study Abroad New Zealand Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics Excellence Awards are given to U.S. students each semester. In the first semester of 2017, four (4) U.S. students were awarded the Study Abroad Travel Awards and nine (9) were awarded Generation Study Abroad Excellence Awards. Students who are interested in the next round of these scholarships may apply before April 30, 2017. For selection criteria, participating institutions, etc., please go to the scholarship details page

Jesuit University in Guadalajara

Generation Study Abroad Commitment Partner—ITESO, the Jesuit University in Guadalajara, offers ONE (1) full-tuition scholarship each semester to encourage and promote study abroad in Mexico. The scholarship is awarded based on academic and social merit and with NO language requirement. Preference will be given to students applying from universities with which ITESO does not have an exchange agreement. Students may apply for the scholarship before October 15 (Spring) and April 15 (Fall). Download scholarship details sheet.


Additional Funding Opportunities from the Generation Study Abroad network:

Webster International Network of Schools (WINS) Flies Five Scholarship: Webster University is proud to launch WINS Flies Five, a new scholarship opportunity for Universities that have joined Generation Study Abroad and the WINS Program. WINS will fund a round-trip ticket to five students from eligible institutions. Students will be eligible to receive this award until December 31,2020.

Generation Study Abroad Stem2Spain Scholarship: Olesay Spain is supporting Generation Study Abroad students with 20 awards in 2017. The gift will fund twenty $540 scholarships for students who are pursuing a degree in one of the STEM fields. In Partnership with the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), the largest public institution dedicated to research in Spain, Olesay Internships provide a unique opportunity for students in STEM disciplines to get a glimpse of advanced research. The winners of the scholarship will be awarded $540, to be directly applied to the internship program of their choice. Students may apply for the scholarship before March, 31, 2017.

Vice Chancellor's Anniversary Scholarship for Diversity in Study Abroad: The University of Roehampton, UK is offering ten scholarships per semester, each offered as a £1500 tuition fee reduction and is available across all majors offered to Study Abroad students at Roehampton. As part of the application process students are required to demonstrate that they come from an under-represented group within Study Abroad.

Semester scholarships at Otago Polytechnic Auckland International Campus (OPAIC), New Zealand: As part of their Generation Study Abroad pledge, OPAIC is offering four fee-reduction scholarships of NZD3,000 to students of Generation Study Abroad U.S. commitment partner institutions for one semester of study in their Bachelor of Applied Management program. Course offerings can be found in the Study Aboard Calendar. Please contact Nick van Der Walt at for more information.

ARAMFO Scholarship for Building Faculty-Led Travel Courses at American Universities: The ARAMFO Educational Foundation is proud to offer a $10,000 scholarship to study abroad offices that have 50 student participants in the ARAMFO's travel programs from their university. ARAMFO works to support faculty led travel courses. This scholarship will go toward financially supporting students who are interested in participating in faculty-led travel courses in the following academic year through their schools. This scholarship is available for the 2015-2016 academic year to all universities.

Athena Study Abroad “Access Study Abroad" Scholarships: Athena Study Abroad is providing $50,000 in scholarships to assist under-represented students studying abroad. Fifty scholarships of up to $1,000 each will be offered to participants of Athena Study Abroad programs. Up to two scholarships may be awarded per institution.

American University in Dubai Scholarship: As part of their Generation Study Abroad pledge, the William Jefferson Clinton Scholarship at the American University in Dubai (AUD) seeks to further the goals of the Clinton Presidential Foundation to strengthen the capacity of people in the United States to meet the challenges of global interdependence. In partnership with AUD, the program provides American students based in the US the opportunity to expand their educational and cultural horizons by studying in the Arab world. The Scholarship gives a full waiver of tuition for one term and covers housing.

Education New Zealand Scholarships: Education New Zealand, in partnership with New Zealand's eight universities and five participating Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics, will provide merit based and travel awards of $500 to $2,000 for U.S. students studying abroad in New Zealand.

Learn more about Education New Zealand Scholarships

AIFS Generation Study Abroad Scholarships: As part of their Generation Study Abroad commitment, AIFS is offering several semester and summer merit scholarships to students who demonstrate high academic achievement, at least a 3.0 GPA, and write an essay addressing "How study abroad will impact my academic and personal growth."

Semester in Amsterdam Generation Study Abroad Excellent Scholarship: VU University Amsterdam will offer scholarships of €3,000 to students of Generation Study Abroad U.S. commitment partner institutions for one semester or one year of study on their campus. Students can choose from over 300 English taught undergraduate courses or follow a specialized disciplinary track. VU is also providing up to 4 Fulbright awardsto US Students who wish to pursue a graduate degree in the Netherlands.

IIE Passport Awards for Study Abroad: The Institute established the IIE Passport Awards for Study Abroad to encourage students from inner city high schools to enroll in college and to study abroad during their undergraduate years.