Myanmar Higher Education Initiative

What is the ‚ÄčIIE Myanmar Higher Education Initiative?

The IIE Myanmar Higher Education Initiative trains Ministry officials and university representatives in Myanmar on how to create and manage an effective international relations office.

What is Connecting with the World?

Connecting with the World is a training course for international professionals coordinated by the Institute of International Education. The course currently offers training to education professionals and Ministry officials from Myanmar, giving them the tools to develop and manage an international office.

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Myanmar Higher Education Association

Myanmar International Higher Education Association. The association serves as a community for faculty and administrators in Myanmar to provide support, exchange ideas, network, and promote international education within the country and abroad.

Program Facts

  • Over 150 faculty, administrators, and ministry officials have participated in the course.
  • 98% of participants surveyed reported that they would use the ideas, strategies, skills and knowledge gained course in their current work.
  • The course has led to the creation of international offices on campuses in Myanmar and many participants have become the Senior International Officer on their campus.