First Higher Education Readiness Program Cohort Selected in Ethiopia

IIE is excited to have selected the first group of one hundred HER scholarship recipients! The Institute held selection panels for our new Higher Education Readiness (HER) program in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on March 25th. Discussion was robust, objective and transparent. Nineteen Ethiopian professionals from secondary schools, universities, NGO’s and businesses gathered to discuss the HER applicants and, based on the scholarship criteria (academic performance, demonstrated leadership and future skills and financial need) determined which girls will be awarded the HER scholarship.

IIE will notify the 100 girls in the coming days and we will begin program activities immediately. Initially all of the HER Program recipients will receive in-depth tutoring for the next six weeks in preparation for the upcoming end of 10th grade National Exam. In Ethiopia, a student’s score on this exam determines whether they continue on a university prep track or a vocational track in high school. As our goal for HER is for 100 percent of the scholarship recipients to enter the university prep track, the exam tutoring is a critical success factor.

Many, many thanks to the HER selection panelists (see the slideshow) who, as volunteers, spent many hours of their personal time reading the applications and meeting as a group to determine the final recipients.

Stay tuned—the next blog will feature highlights from some selected applicants and you can read more on why these young women have become part of the first HER scholarship group!