The Perks of Parent Involvement in IIE’s HER Program

The IIE Higher Education Readiness (HER) scholarship recipients have been busy these past two months studying for the National Exam, which was held a few weeks ago. The grades for the Exam will not be released until late summer, but we are hopeful that all of the HER students will do well and will enter the 11th grade as a university track student.

One of the keys to success of the HER program is to involve the students’ families. It is critical that the families understand the Program and the girls’ commitments, and that family members support them by encouraging good study habits and attendance in all HER activities. IIE held several family meetings that provided an opportunity for the parents and guardians to ask questions about the program, complete any outstanding paperwork and meet the IIE team. It was great to meet them, and IIE appreciates their on-going support and understanding of how important it is for their girls to complete high school and plan for study at university. Have a look at some more photos of the families and guardians on our Flickr stream.

This summer will be a busy one for the HER recipients. In July, they will start an intensive program focused on English language training, leadership and life skills and financial literacy. We will keep you posted on the progress of these activities.

Always nice to hear from HER followers, so please keep your questions and comments coming.