Idea 8: provide incentives to all stakeholders who stand to gain by expanding study abroad

Incentives for students, faculty and many private sector players can help to expand study abroad. Identifying who stands to gain and developing creative means to incentivize them could involve them at an earlier stage in the process.

  • Get faculty on board, providing incentives for them to participate, as well as making a project/course abroad part of tenure (comparable to the publishing requirement).
  • Make global student engagement part of faculty evaluations.
  • Inventory and encourage faculty members’ own international interests and involvement, and seek ways to build on those to develop international partnerships and programs at the institution that would foster more interest in study abroad.
  • Identify stakeholders and their motivations in order to develop a plan for engagement. 
  • Work with stakeholders to create a “Travel Literacy” toolkit or program that teaches students how to think globally, be a good American abroad, and deal with risk, safety, stereotypes and culture shock.

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This blog entry summarizes Idea 8 of 11 “Big Ideas” brainstormed during IIE’s Generation Study Abroad Think Tank event in March 2014. They are compiled in the IIE Green Paper, “What will it take to Double Study Abroad?”