10 Great Reasons to Study Abroad

November 14, 2017 

Whether you’re a study abroad adviser or a relative who’ll spend time with young people during the holidays, make sure to share 10 great reasons to study abroad!



U.S. students need to develop the skills they need for success in today’s global workforce. At IIE, we believe that study abroad can help them to develop the skills and competencies they’ll need to thrive. In our recent study, “Gaining an Employment Edge: The Impact of Study Abroad on 21st Century Skills & Career Prospects,” we found that study abroad contributes to the development of transferable skills and positive employment gains, with the impact varying according to program characteristics, study destinations, and the students’ goals.Through the IIE Generation Study Abroad initiative, we support 800 Commitment Partners around the world that are aiming to increase study abroad participation through awareness, opportunities, and innovative approaches.

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Tell us about the power of international education in your life. Has it broadened your career opportunities? Have you made lifelong friends through an exchange?
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