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If you are an international student seeking opportunities and funding to study in the United States, please note that IIE does not offer individual scholarships to prospective students.

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For questions related to an IIE-administered program (such as Fulbright or Brazil Science Without Borders), contact the relevant program staff member. See an index of all programs for further information.


For all press inquiries, please contact:

Catherine Morris

Supporting IIE

For information on how to support IIE, please contact Joyce Hendricks at +1 212.984.5381 or e-mail: philanthropy@iie.org.

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For information about how your higher education institution can become a member of IIENetwork, call +1 212.984.5367 or e-mail: membership@iie.org.

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To apply for a job at IIE, please visit the Careers section. To report technical problems with with a job application, contact our Human Resources Department at Recruit@iie.org.

Open Doors

For information or requests about IIE's Open Doors data, please e-mail IIE's Research Department at iieresearch@iie.org.

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For all other inquiries, please contact IIE's Global Headquarters in New York City, at (212) 883-8200.